Coach Registration Form

National Background Check Consent
I, the undersigned, authorize investigations of local and national criminal background records/information, all 50 State Sex Offender Registries, full address trace, Social Security verification to be obtained either in writing or via telephone in connection with my registration. Any person, firm or organization providing information or records in accordance with this authorization is released from any and all claims of liability for compliance. Such information will be held in confidence in accordance with the organization’s guidelines.
By signing this document, I am providing my consent for an initial background check as well as any subsequent background checks deemed necessary.
Optimist Club of Naples Code of Conduct & Optimist Club of Naples Membership & Azzurri Storm Soccer Club
I agree to represent the Optimist Club of Naples and or Azzurri Storm Soccer Club in the highest manner, and not bring disrespect to the participants. I understand that I am also responsible for the players and player’s parents and will review the Soccer Program’s Code of Conduct with them both to ensure they will be respectful of all players, officials and spectators within the program. I also agree to abide by the Soccer Program’s Code of Conduct and I understand that any violation could result in my suspension or dismissal from the program.
I also consent to becoming a member in the Optimist Club of Naples at no charge to myself.

* required