Pay by Credit card by going back to the main page and clicking Credit card payment then follow the instructions or Submit Check to:

HCYP Baseball
3024 Merlin Court
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Mark your Team Name & Age group on your check please.

Checks must be received within 2 weeks of On-line Registration

Tournament Registration Rules:
1. I understand that I must provide payment within 2 weeks of my team registration. I understand that any withdrawal of my team after 22 June 2019 will result in forfeiture of my team's registration fee.

2. Coaches must have a copy of their player's birth certificates available for review at their tournament site, as needed.

3. Coaches are responsible for conduct of their Coaches, Players and Fans during the Tournament. If a player is ejected, the player is ejected from the remainder of the game and the next tournament game at a minimum. The Tournament Director will consult with the Umpire crew and determine the final player penalty. If a Head Coach is ejected from a game, they are ejected from the remainder of the Tournament. If a team's fan(s) are ejected from the game, the ejection for both the Head Coach and the Fan is for the remainder of the Tournament.

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