2017 SJFCYA Football and Cheering Coaching Application




I will teach the fundamentals of football/cheering to my team to the best of my ability;

I will teach good sportsmanship to my players/cheerleaders by demonstrating positive support for participants and officials at every game and practice;

I will place the emotional and physical well being of my players/cheerleaders ahead of my personal desire to win;

I will teach each player/cheerleader to be mindful and respectful to coaches, other participants, officials and fans;

I will utilize my time wisely during practices;

I will control my emotions and avoid the use of abusive language, profanity, humiliating remarks and rude gestures towards others while in SJFCYA activities;

I will not engage in physical assault with or upon another person, at any time, while participating in SJFCYA activities;

I will respect game officials and refrain from questioning their decisions in a disrespectful or abusive manner;

I will be committed to SJFCYA, my players/cheerleaders, coaches and parents. I will make every effort to attend each practice, game and other required SJFCYA sponsored activity except for reasons out of my control.

If required to miss a practice, game or other required SJFCYA sponsored activity I make sure that other coaches from my team are present.
I give permission to SJFCYA to conduct a background check on me, which may include a review of criminal and child abuse records maintained by governmental and/or law enforcement agencies.

I state that I have never been charged, arrested or convicted of any crime of violence and/or abuse against children.

I agree to abide by all of the rules and Code of Conduct of the SJFCYA, MYFL and Henrico County Parks and Recreation.

I understand that these rules may be modified during the course of the season and that it is my responsibility to remain informed about league rules and proceedings.

I understand that I may be suspended or removed from my coaching position by the President and SJFCYA Board for violations of the SJFCYA rules and/or Code of Conduct, the MYFL rules and/or Code of Conduct and the Henrico County Parks and Recreation rules and/or Code of Conduct.

I understand that I will pay or reimburse SJFCYA (within 10 days) for any fines issued by the MYFL as a result of my conduct in violation of the MYFL rules and/or Code of Conduct.

I understand that as an SJFCYA coach, when available, I am required to assist with registration, equipment cleaning, equipment and uniform handout and equipment and uniform collections.

I understand that as an SJFCYA coach, when available, I am required to assist on game day with setting up the field, game day announcement, running the game day clock, game day field clean up and in any other capacity as may be necessary.

* indicates required fields