Coach Registration

Coach Agreement
Volunteer Youth Basketball Coaching Contract

I understand that my responsibilities as a Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach are of great importance and that my actions have the potential to significantly influence the young athletes I coach.
Therefore, I promise to seek to honor the Lord and show Christ's love as I uphold the following rights of young athletes to the best of my ability.

All participants have the right to:
- Participate in sports.
- Participate at an age appropriate level corresponding with each child’s maturity and ability.
- Have qualified coaches.
- Play as a child and not as an adult.
- Participate in safe and healthy environments.
- Have proper preparation for participation in sports.
- Have an equal opportunity to strive for success.
- Be treated with respect and dignity.
- Have fun playing sports.

I also promise to conduct myself in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Coaches as outlined here:
- I will treat each athlete, opposing coach, official, parent and program coordinator with respect and dignity.
- I will be a role model for the players by displaying: good sportsmanship, appropriate conflict resolution, and effective communication.
- I will hold my players responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
- I will do my best to learn the fundamental skills, teaching, evaluation techniques, and strategies of my sport.
- I will become thoroughly familiar with the rules of my sport.

My actions on the court can and will reflect SRBC, which is the sponsor of this league. I agree to strive to represent Christ with my actions and words.


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