2019 Viking Preview Night

Please check the appropriate boxes for the team(s) your player is EXPECTED to be on for away game meals and snacks. If your player will play on both JV and Varsity you will need to select both. Due to the fact there are very few freshman games scheduled you will need to select the box for JV away meals and snacks. We understand that the player may be moved up to Varsity during the season, and you will not be charged a fee at a later date if this happens.

Required Fees Include the following:
- Away Game meals and Snacks for your player
- Fundraising Fee

Optional Items available include:
- Lanyard (These include the schedule as well as a roster for all teams)
- Photo Button of your player(s)
- Tri-Valley Vikings License plate cover All other items in are optional.

You only need to check the boxes for the optional items you want, otherwise leave them blank.

If you choose optional items, remember to put the quantity you want in the field below the item's checkbox.

Finally, add up the total cost for all items purchased and enter that amount in the Total field, then click the Submit button.

On Viking Preview Night Please be prepared to write a check payable to "TRI-VALLEY FOOTBALL PARENTS" for the total. We will have a table set up during preview night.

* indicates required fields