TVT New Reg Form



Participant and parent/guardian (UNDERSIGNED) must read carefully

Undersigned is fully aware that basketball (ACTIVITY) as taught and sponsored by Team Concept and The Valley Team/TVT (ORGANIZATION) is a contact sport and that participating in and other events, practices, games, tournaments, tryouts and camps for this sport can be a dangerous activity involving a great risk of injury. Activity also includes nonbasketball related events.

Risks Assumed:
Undersigned understands that the dangers and risks of learning, competing in or practicing for the activity include, but are not limited to, death, and/or serious injury or impairment to other parts of the body, general health and well being. Undersigned understands that he or she assumes risk of injury by participating in the The Valley Team/TVT and Team Concept program.

Hold Harmless:
In consideration or permitting Undersigned to take instruction and to engage in all activities related to the Team Concept and TVT program, including but not limited to trying out, practicing, or competing, Undersigned hereby assumes all the risks associated with such activities and agree to hold harmless TVT and TC, their employees, agents, representatives, coaches and volunteers from any and all liability, actions, cause of action, debts, claims, or demands of any kind and nature whatsoever which may arise by or in connection with my participation in the TVT and TC program.

Release of Liability:
The terms hereof shall serve as a release of liability and assumption of risk on the part of the Undersigned and his or her heirs, executor, administrator, assignees, and for all members of my family. Undersigned agree that neither Team Concept The Valley Team/TVT, nor the employees or volunteers of said Organization shall in any way be held liable for any accident or injury in any way received on account of, or while engaged in, or traveling to or from, any activity sponsored by TC or TVT. Undersigned further agree that neither the aforementioned Organization nor any of its employees, volunteers or students shall be responsible for the payment of any bills rendered for medical services as a result of such accidents or injuries.

Health Statement: Undersigned verifies that the participant listed below is in good health and is able to participate in the activity described above.


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