Online Little League Volunteer Application - 2018

Upper Moreland Little League is required as a condition of being a Little League Baseball and Softball chartered organization to have all board members, managers, coaches (incl. game day AND practice coaches), umpires, and other volunteers or hired workers who provide regular service to the league or/and who have repetitive access to or contact with players or teams fill out the official Little League Volunteer Application. Additionally, UMLL is required to conduct a background check on each of these individuals. UMLL must conduct its own background check on the appropriate individuals annually.

Any background check that reveals a conviction of any crime involving or against a minor MUST result in immediate termination from league volunteer service. In addition, convictions or other offenses not involving or against a minor may still result in termination from league volunteer service, at the sole discretion of the UMLL Board of Directors. Additionally, volunteers who refuse to submit a fully completed Little League Volunteer Application, along with a government issued photo ID, must be immediately terminated or eliminated from consideration for any position. This includes individuals with many years of service to the league. Disclosure of background check or other information obtained through the screening process will be limited initially to the League President and Vice Presidents, though information may be shared with other members of the Board of Directors in order to make personnel decisions.

THIS REQUIREMENT IS IN PLACE TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN and maintain Little League as a hostile environment for those who would seek to do them harm. Your cooperation to that end is greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Upper Moreland Little League and Little League Baseball, Incorporated will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation or disability.



In which of the following would you like to participate? (Select all that apply)
NOTE: Your selection of volunteer assignments here DOES NOT guarantee your participation in that capacity. You MUST also elect your preferred volunteer positions during the player registration process AND complete an online Manager/Coach application IF you are applying to be considered as a team Manager.

AS A CONDITION OF VOLUNTEERING, I give permission for Upper Moreland Little League to conduct background check(s) on me now and as long as I continue to be active with the organization, which may include a review of sex offender registries (some of which contain name only searches which may result in a report being generated that may or may not be me), child abuse and criminal history records. I understand that, if appointed, my position is conditional upon the league receiving no inappropriate information on my background. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless from liability Upper Moreland Little League, Little League Baseball, Incorporated, the officers, employees and volunteers thereof, or any other person or organization that may provide such information. I also understand that, regardless of previous appointments, Little League is not obligated to appoint me to a volunteer position. If appointed, I understand that, prior to the expiration of my term, I am subject to suspension by the President and removal by the Board of Directors for violation of Little League policies or principles.
** Please be advised that if there is a name match in the few states where only name match searches can be performed you will receive a letter directly from LexisNexis in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act containing information regarding all the criminal records associated with the name, which may not necessarily be you, the league volunteer.

You are also encouraged to submit a scanned copy of your driver's license to ''.

Please note: Managers must also complete the **Online Manager Application - Spring 2018** found under the 'Online Forms' link to be considered for one of those positions.

* required