AYF coaches Certification



All football coaches must pass the USA Football certification

New and returning football coaches in 2019
New and returning football coaches in 2019, Head and Assistant, must take the FREE Football Education online course, www.footballeduction.org.

All courses include the $2 million liability insurance policy. AYF/AYC tournament team coaches will need to document current certification with their tournament entry forms. Certification is valid for one year from the date of course completion.

New coaches in 2019 take the Coaching Youth Football “The AYF Way”
(3E online course for initial certification.)
Online course

ISBN-13: 9781492559672
Short Description
From this introductory course, you’ll learn fundamental coaching concepts and responsibilities, and you’ll come away with the most important coaching points for the major skills and tactics of youth football.


Returning coaches in 2019 (who completed the Coaching Youth Football “The AYF Way” online course in a previous year) take the 2019 recertification course.
(AYF/AYC Recertification Course: Safety and Health 7E)
Online course
ISBN-13: 9781492594048


Required cheer courses in 2019
All new and returning cheer coaches in 2019, head and assistant, must take the YCADA 101 online course.

The course is $25.00 per coach.

This training course is designed for AYC coaches.
It includes features such as templates, videos of skills, drills, and more! Coaches are required to take the full version of this course every other year. During the off-year, coaches will be required to take a refresher course.

CVAYFC Social Media Policy
All CVAYFC Members shall abide by the following guidelines when using social media:

1. Be positive and respectful, and always take the high road. When disagreeing with others’ opinions, remain appropriate and polite. If you find yourself in a situation online that is becoming antagonistic, ask the CVAYFC Board of Directors or your league President for advice on how to disengage from the dialogue in a polite and respectful manner that reflects well on CVAYFC.

2. Do not post content that would harm CVAYFC or damage CVAYFC’s reputation. Remember that even while you are on your own personal time, you are a representative of CVAYFC, and people may interpret your online postings or social interactions as though they were official CVAYFC statements.

3. Use good judgment when posting comments on any official CVAYFC sites. Bear in mind that your comments can create liability for CVAYFC. If you are unsure whether a comment is appropriate to post, either do not post it or obtain prior approval from the Board of Directors.

4. Be smart about what you publish. Once something is posted, it exists online forever. Ask yourself, “would I want to see this published in the newspaper or posted on a billboard tomorrow or ten years from now?” If the answer is “no,” do not post.

5. Encourage others to engage in positive interactions on social media. If you are concerned about any CVAYFC Member’s use of social media, please bring your concerns to the attention of your sport coordinator or a member of the CVAYFC Board of Directors.

6. Personally identifiable information (information, such as a name and date of birth and/or a street address which, when taken together, can identify a particular individual) should not be disclosed in any manner on official CVAYFC social networking sites without the approval of the sports coordinator or CVAYFC Board of Directors.

CVAYFC Coach’s Code of Conduct

The primary goal of coaches should be the development of boys and girls to be better citizens. The players must be taught sportsmanship and fair play, and these teachings should always govern their behavior during practice and at games. Head coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of all players, members of the coaching staff and spectators. This includes the time periods before, during, and after games, practices and other events.

Improper conduct on the part of any player, coach or spectator may result in
disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal from CVAYFC. These decisions will be
made on a case by case basis by the CVAYFC Commissioner of Football and/or CVAYFC Commissioner.

1. The Athletic Director is the on-field authority in all matters pertaining to coaching decisions for practices, games, and player/coach discipline. In the event of his absence, a designated Head Coach carries the same responsibility and authority.

2. Members of the Coaching Staff with concerns about the Head Coach’s decisions, or other members of the Coaching Staff, should address these issues separately and away from the presence of other coaches, players, and parents, unless directly involved. Solidarity must be maintained at all times. Deliberate and/or persistent undermining of the Head Coach, CVAYFC Board of Directors, or other Assistant Coaches will not be tolerated and may be cause for the immediate dismissal and/or removal of the offending coach.

3. If any Coach is ever presented with any administrative type of complaint from a parent or guardian of a player, it is requested that such complaints be directed to the Athletic Director. This will ensure that Coaches are not placed in a position where they may have to explain the policy.

4. Coaches will not criticize players in front of spectators.

5. Coaches will accept the decisions of the officials as final.

6. Coaches will not criticize the officials, opposing team, other coaches, fans, parents or league officials through language or gesture.

7. Coaches will strive to make every football activity serve as a training ground for life, and as a basis for good mental and physical health.

8. Coaches shall refrain from “running-up” the score against an opponent.

9. Coaches shall not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
Central Virginia American Youth Football Conference www.CVAYFC.com
Central Virginia American Youth Football Conference.

10. Coaches shall not smoke or chew tobacco during games, scrimmages, practices or other team function until they have vacated the location of the activity and never while in view of any player.

11. Except to provide appropriate encouragement, congratulations, medical assistance, or to teach proper sports techniques, all coaches are prohibited from touching, slapping, or hitting players in any way that might be interpreted as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of the player(s)
12. All physical injuries must be reported to the Head Coach, who will ensure that proper medical attention and first-aid is administered by a qualified volunteer or emergency personnel. If severe enough, the Head Coach should be contacted to dispatch emergency personnel and to contact the player’s parent(s)/guardian(s).

13. All coaches will strive to have all players participate as much as game situation and player’s practice-time participation, preparation, and attitude dictates.

14. All coaches must be certified with USA Football. Training and materials will be provided by the CVAYFC. All coaches must be screened through a background check of criminal convictions as provided by your County or City.

15. All coaches must always remember that the purpose of CVAYFC Football is to provide a positive experience for the players, to teach proper football techniques, to build self-confidence, and to provide positive adult role models. Anything that undermines these purposes will not be tolerated.

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