Player Registration

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Any person wishing to be considered to join the Regency Rookie Hockey League must complete this form. If there are openings mid-season the league may pull players in from this list. Any qualified player on this list will be given information to register at the start of the next season. Disclaimer: The RRHL accepts novice or new skaters to the league. Players with experience should contact Regency Ice Rink for placement in other leagues.

Click "New Player Form" above to open the form.
This form is to be completed by CURRENT RRHL players only or those former RRHL players wishing to rejoin the league.

By completing this form you are NOT GUARANTEED to play in the league. However your registration will put your name on the list to be selected by the RRHL Board at the draft.

Team rosters and game schedules will be set and announced prior to the start of the season.

All players MUST have USA Hockey registration current for the calendar year prior to the start of the season.