Registration 2019
WELCOME to the Registration for the 2019 Season. Please take a few Minutes to fill out the following information. There are several questions to answer, most are "click here" answers. After you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation email, which will contain the information, on how to pay your fees. For returning players, please use the email you have always used in previous years. SPN has your last years info linked to the email you used. They are attempting to stop duplicate profiles, in different levels of Slo-pitch. ****NOTE: ******* 1st Note--- Make sure your Birthdate is correct for year, the program tends to revert back to 2019, this will prevent you from submitting. 2nd NOTE: If you choose to put your name on your shirt, you MUST click the 5$ button under the "sponsor/donate" tab for your fees to calculate properly. 3rd Note--- Add participant top right of screen, choose your name, and then under participant tab, you are adding "self" or your name will pop up with all info from last year. 4th Note--- Parent/Contact is you Hopefully these notes help if there are any confusions. Welcome to the 2019 Season!