2018 Tournament Registration (Senior B/S ONLY)
Register online for the UMLL 2018 Post-season Tournament Season. This form, with uniform information, must be submitted no later than Wednesday, May 16, 2018 by 11:59PM. Failure to submit the completed eligibility form before the deadline will make your child ineligible for selection to this or any other post-season tournament team sponsored by UMLL. Please Note: Player registration does NOT automatically guarantee player selection to a post-season tournament team. Managers have discretion to select players to the team. In some cases, tryouts may be held. Tournament Managers will contact parents of registered players with additional information once the eligibility registration period closes. Please be sure to create separate contact records for parent ('Contact') and player ('Participant') when registering your player(s). Thank you. TO: Parents of all Players The post-season All-Star/District tournament season is set to begin in mid- to late-June and extend into July. This notice is issued to provide parents with information about tournament season so that there are no questions later about the objectives of UMLL relative to our participation in such tournaments. Our teams are playing to win! To this end, you, the parents, must agree - by submitting this form - to make your child eligible to be selected to the team for which he/she may be age eligible. Note: 9/10, 10/11, 11/12, 13/14 & 15/16 ages must be made eligible for Little League District tournaments before they are made eligible for any All-Star tournaments. DO NOT submit this form if any of the following do not meet with your approval: (Please read each item carefully) • Team selection will be in accordance with UMLL policy. • Practice schedules are at the discretion of the Managers and may be stringent. • At least one parent MUST attend a mandatory league tournament meeting. • Managers are granted full discretion as to who plays and when. By submitting this form, you relinquish your right to question any decision a Manager may make in that respect. The minimum playing time for tournament in most cases is 6 consecutive outs on defense and 1 at-bat and, in some cases, may only be 1 at-bat with no minimum defensive playing time requirements. Players who may have been “stars” on their regular season team may only get minimum playing time in tournament. • Any player that is removed from a roster, except for illness, may make himself or herself INELIGIBLE for this year’s AND next year’s tournaments. If you plan on vacationing in June or July, in fairness to other players and the tournament teams, please think hard before signing your child up for tournament play. • Parents are REQUIRED to commit volunteer time during both District 22 and UMLL tournament play. This includes, but may not be limited to, volunteering in the Snack Stand, on the Grounds crew, as an announcer/scorekeeper, and/or as an Umpire (where needed). Violation or failure to comply with these requirements by player or parent may result in the removal of said player from tournament play. If you are unable to meet this commitment, we ask in fairness to other players and their families that you DO NOT sign your child up for tournament play. • Parents must agree to pay a fee of $75 to offset the cost for tournament uniforms and patron book. This fee MUST be paid at the time of submission of this tournament registration form. Otherwise, your child WILL NOT be eligible to be selected for Tournament play. Once player selections are made by managers, you will receive a refund of your registration fee IF your child is not selected to a tournament team. • Uniform sizing (pants and shirt) and preferred numbers MUST be provided on this form. This is to ensure a quick turn-around on availability of uniforms prior to the start of the tournament play. Samples will be available in the UMLL Board Room. You are strongly encouraged to have your child try on uniform samples, as sizing may differ from regular season uniforms. Uniform exchanges will not be available.
UMLL's 2018 Joe Donovan Tournament -- 9 yr old Baseball and Softball Team Registration
Form to register a team for UMLL's Joe Donovan Tournament, one of the area's premier player pitch tournaments for 9-yr old baseball and softball.
Online Little League Volunteer Application - 2018
Little League Volunteer Application required by Little League, Incorporated to be completed by all league volunteers with regular access to youth in the program.
UMLL "Walk of Fame" Brick Purchase Form
Form to purchase an engraved brick for UMLL's "Walk of Fame" along the driveway leading to Field #3 at the UMLL Complex.