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Message Board Guidelines

Please be advised that the Web Administrator will monitor the Forum and Guestbook for Garland Cheerleader and Drill Team Association very closely. If any posting contains something derogatory towards a specific team, director, organization, the association, or otherwise, it will be removed.

1st Amendment rights of free speech and censorship do not apply in this context as this is GCDTA's website and we reserve the right to restrict the information that is posted on this website just as newspapers, radio and television stations reserve the right to limit the content placed in their respective mediums.

This website is intended to provide information for participants, their parents and other spectators; therefore, since our participants are minors, the forum and guestbook will be monitored being mindful that our youth participants view the information on a regular basis.

Please help us set a good example for our youth and reframe from brow beating or bashing on our website which will result in deleted postings.

Please contact your board representative for any concerns you may have.