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Author TOPIC: Predictions 2012 season

April 23, 2012
1:04:21 AM

Entry #: 3901436
Here are my predictions for 2012 season.
Home runs will be down again this season, maybe by as much as 50-75.
Mens HR leader will have 22 HR, and that person could be from The Flying Pigs or TCO. My money is on the stats guy to win, by 1. Flying Pigs not go undefeated.
Infield Triple, Mad Penguins and Davin will push them for top spot. Womens HR leader will have 6-7 this year and several teams have women who are capable. Most teams will be competitive with a few surprises. Look for the Hard Rockers to climb up the standings as well as The Jays. There you have it , my 2012 predictions.

The Past Pres

April 25, 2012
4:39:03 AM

Entry #: 3903067
get pounded Kanuck! youre out to lunch. remember fans of the GMFL these predictions are coming from a Vancouver Canuck fan,,,cough cough,,, choke choke


April 29, 2012
10:33:45 PM

Entry #: 3905793
ya nice predictions buddy what you do look back at the last 2 years standings to figure top teams ha ya except penguins though eh. and to all the teams that LOOOOOVE playing our team take advantage cause its the last chance to dance.....

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