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Author TOPIC: 3rd/4th grade silver team head coach

November 18, 2007
9:13:15 AM

Entry #: 2480815
My son is on the silver team. We have a wonderful silver team head coach who has given our kids an outstanding season to flourish under his guidance. "Along with greatness comes great responsibility." Responsiblity is taking ownership of values and concepts. We can't thank this coach enough for his direction on teaching our son how to become great and more importantly, teaching him how to travel that road to get there.
He set very high standards for the boys. He commanded respect and he received it. He is very in tune to the skill levels of each player. He is somehow able to hone their untapped skills and let the parents enjoy the results at the game.
Thank you, Coach Joe Reid!!! Thank you for taking the time away from your family to help make my son a better person and a better football player. You have given my son and family great character building lessons and a great football season. God bless you!

November 19, 2007
1:20:36 PM

Entry #: 2482810
Thank you. I would like to say that it truly is a reflection of the rest of the coaching staff, which is the best I've ever been around.

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