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Author TOPIC: 5th & 6th TEAM win

November 18, 2007
7:00:48 PM

Entry #: 2481458
WOW! What a game. Everyone on the 5th&6th team this year had a part in our win yesterday. Everyone on the field has a job to do and when we all do our jobs good things happen. It takes 11 players to win games not just one. I share the MVP with all of you guys. I couldn't run the ball or catch the ball with out such a great line and lead blockers and without a great quarterback. It was alot of fun to play with all of you this year and I already look forward to next year. Thanks for being great teammates.

Thanks coaches for pushing us to be our best.

Tommy - thanks for always having my back and for being a team leader. I will never forget seeing the opponent cry when you called them out. Sweet pick to seal the game I wish you would have run it all the way. I would have met you in the zone and tried to pick you up!

Sherry Branson

November 18, 2007
7:19:30 PM

Entry #: 2481492
I am very impressed with your generosity and willingness to be such a team leader. You, as all your other teammates, have been a source of inspiration for Hunter this year. Not only do we have fantastic coaches, we also have boys that are well beyond their years in terms of maturity and compassion. Best of luck!


November 18, 2007
8:22:40 PM

Entry #: 2481629
thanks alot I hope we could play together as long as we play your one of the best runing backs i've ever seen play I can't wait until next year to play with you again and you made me a better lineman because it made me feel raely good when you ran for big runs because I thought I did a lot when you scored. I can't even count how many touchdowns you had I won't forget that great punt return you had in that sharks game I realy like when you make a big run and then you don't act all good and stuff because you already know you are. you have the best leader ship i've ever seen and next year no matter what i'll always be by your side.


November 18, 2007
8:36:20 PM

Entry #: 2481664
Great job 5th-6th grade. I'm sorry we couldn't beat the Wolverines also. I'm glad to see you guys played to your full potential I wish we could have done the same


November 18, 2007
10:31:13 PM

Entry #: 2481887
it's alright you tried your hardest and you guys were great anyways


November 22, 2007
10:47:24 AM

Entry #: 2487294
yea its ok fitz u played your hardest.and thats all that matters..


November 24, 2007
12:40:22 PM

Entry #: 2489042
ya its fine u guys played ur hardest and thats all that matters

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