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Author TOPIC: Football Camp!!!!
Michael Lackey

July 6, 2009
7:10:37 PM

Entry #: 3207394
Hey everyone, its about that time to start thinking about football. I know everyone is getting ready for baseball, but keep football in the back of your mind. My 8th Annual Football Camp will be held July 21st-24th from 6:00-8:30 at St. Pius X High School. This is not a Necco Raider camp. Anybody is welcome to come. I'm in the process of making a website for my camp, so keep looking for it.

I also will be having private lessons for anyone. It will be a one on one time with the athlete and me. The cost will be $25 an hour.

For any other questions, please call me at 816-810-4294.


Michael Lackey

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