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The Time is Now

October 10, 2011
10:15:24 AM

Entry #: 3814670
This is "Wolverine Week" and it won't be long before some Wolverine player, fan or "coach" will post something on here about how this team is overrated, they're going to give you all you can handle, blah, blah, blah. The time is now to beat the Wolverines, win the division, and make sure they finish no higher than 3rd place. The time is now to take your game to the next level and get ready to dominate the playoffs. The time is now! Go Raiders!!!

Darth Raider

October 10, 2011
10:46:31 AM

Entry #: 3814702
Based on the scenario you described I assume you're talking about the 6th grade team, but it can be applied across the board to all our teams. The Wolverines would like nothing more than to knock us out of the undefeated ranks and slow down our march to the Super Bowl. I'm confident that the coaches will have all our teams primed and ready to roll this Saturday. Once again.....Go Raiders!

Raider Dad

October 11, 2011
11:11:23 AM

Entry #: 3815367
"Wolverine Week" always reminds me of the KC Chiefs-Oakland Raiders rivalry back in the old AFL days. Practices are sharper and more intense, and the games themselves are always hard-hitting, whether the score is close or not. Should be some fun football to watch this Saturday.

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