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Long day for the Raiders

October 12, 2011
4:25:49 PM

Entry #: 3816265
Good luck raiders, you are going to need it!! We have been waiting for this day all year. We are going to show you raiders what real football is. We are going to make history by rolling at all levels. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE TEARS IN YOUR EYES!!!
Can you say SWEEP???
Don’t forget to bring your KLEENEX!!!

Darth Raider

October 13, 2011
8:54:04 AM

Entry #: 3816592
Talk is cheap. We'll see what the scoreboards say on Saturday. Good Luck.


October 13, 2011
3:31:54 PM

Entry #: 3816983
Silver and Black, HAHA!!

After we are done with you it will be more like Black and Blue!!

Wolverines will roll!!!!


October 14, 2011
8:51:19 AM

Entry #: 3817455
Please disregard the comments from who ever OVERRATED is. We don't endorse,encourage or advocate that type of behavior.We at the wolverines are not here to talk trash about the Raiders. We all know the litany of accomplishments your organization has achieved since your time in the NYSFL with superior coaching and talent.

We much approbation,reverence, and respect for the football that your organization plays.

All we can hope for is that or boys are up to the task of playing the Raiders and that they give their all as I'm sure the Raiders will bring everything and more to us.

Good Luck to you the Raiders and hope everyone stays healthy and that we can at least make it competitive for your boys.

Thank you have a great day and weekend.

Flag Dad

October 14, 2011
9:54:10 AM

Entry #: 3817514
The best thing about a rivalry is you know both teams are great! We look forward to playing equal talent on Saturday. I just want everyone to know I coach a baseball team that is half Raiders and half Wolverines and our kids all love each other to death. We win a ton of baseball games and it is due to the fact that no matter Raider or Wolverine any kid who could play for either organization is a great athelete! Saturday will be fun and that is what it should be a fun day of great football!


October 14, 2011
12:50:42 PM

Entry #: 3817654
Screw all this nice fake talk. Bring on the Games! Let's get it on!

flag dad

October 16, 2011
8:39:52 AM

Entry #: 3818326
Dear overrated just wantsd to let you know since you like sweeps so much how did you enjoy ours yesterday! Stop hating and start respecting we have the best little league coaches in the state. Our tryouts are next august come be apart of greatness!


October 16, 2011
9:09:40 AM

Entry #: 3818337
the game showed us something yesterday that wont be the last time you see the wolverines

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