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Author TOPIC: Fast Forward Button Please!!!!!
Metha Cox

June 18, 2012
5:07:50 PM

Entry #: 3934315
Can some one please hit fast forward! 41 days is too long to wait! I miss the Raider nation!

Chris Robinson

June 19, 2012
9:53:02 AM

Entry #: 3934652
I hate to wish my life away but my whole family is ready for July 30 to get this season started.

Darth Raider

June 19, 2012
2:09:41 PM

Entry #: 3934873
Patience, my friends. Let the boys enjoy their summer. Football will be back before you know it.

Linda Young

June 19, 2012
3:46:16 PM

Entry #: 3934939
We are so excited for the football season! Cannot wait to see everyone again. Have a great summer and see you July 30th!

Mike Dorian

June 19, 2012
4:24:31 PM

Entry #: 3934971
Just for you Metha maybe this will help with the football blues.

anthony cosentino

July 13, 2012
2:07:22 PM

Entry #: 3946130
Whats up fellow Raiders?...Me and Q-Tino been watching last years video's and we are pretty excited get it done!!!!!!MORE GROWTH, MORE STRENGTH, MORE ENDURANCE, I think more MATURATITY at least on Quentin's level,not sure about me...SEE YOU FOLKS SOON!!!!

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