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Author TOPIC: Wingman....
Westons mom

October 18, 2012
3:00:16 PM

Entry #: 3995522
Three years ago my son Jalen was given a wingman Faizol Bouchard...and little did my son or I know quite how special this pairing would be. As most of you know faizol has now moved onto Staley to play high school football, but has never left my sons side as a wingman. He showed up ay tryouts to watch him and brought him Gatorade and Staley apparel and just there to show his support. He has attended most of his games and constantly stays in contact with me through facebook or phone to check on jalen and see how he's doing. Jalen and him have formed a special bond and its so amazing to be apart of such a great organization. Faizol is a true representation of what the wingman program is all about and an amazing young man. Tonight our 3rd and 4th grade team with go watch the Staley game together as a team and I can't be more proud to cheer on this young man. Although he has grown out of the organization and onto high school football he never left his wingman!!!!!! #Raidernation


October 18, 2012
3:45:23 PM

Entry #: 3995572
This is an awesome story, thank you so much for sharing. That is what the program was built to do. Both of those young men are great players and they really understand the "Wingman" concept. I am sure Jalen will do the same for his younger wingman because of the example Faizol has set. The tradition will continue on and on as long as we have stewards like Faizol and Jalen passing on how special it is to be a Raider.

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