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Author TOPIC: 8th graders Thank you
Clayton Gray

October 11, 2013
11:01:40 AM

Entry #: 4096995
This weekend is the last home game of the 2013 season and the last home Raider game ever for the 8th graders. My son has had the privilege of playing with this group every other year and I was able to coach them in their 4th grade year. I have gotten to know many of them very well and I’m so thankful for the time I have had with them. They have embraced their leadership role in our organization this year like the champions they have been every year as a Raider. There are so many stories about these players that make me proud, laugh, and even cry a little because I’m going to miss them.

I thought I would open up a thread that we can use to share your stories and just let them know how much we have appreciated watching them grow into young men and for representing the Raiders with FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, COURAGE, and move on to high school football as the CHAMPIONS they are.


October 11, 2013
11:48:04 AM

Entry #: 4097000
I will get it started.

I can go on and on about Christian Holferty #82 for things like his knowledge of politics, his peeing in his pants during practice in the 4th grade because of a story coach Simone shared with him about how there was no time for pee breaks in football (this is how we gave Christian the nickname of “Sweet pee”), his story that I hope coach Simone will share about “The first one was not me coach”, but my new favorite #82 story happened this year when I watched him help one of my 3rd grade lineman get up the Hill when the 3rd grader thought he couldn’t do it. The 3rd grader was yelling "I can’t do it" and “I want to quit” when Christian stepped in and got down beside him in a 3pt. stance and told him they would do it together. They ran up the hill together a few times until the 3rd grader had the confidence he needed to do it alone. That young Raider was ready to quit the team and Christian helped him overcome his fear, now that young player is doing great. I remember when Christian was a 4th grader and he himself struggled getting up the hill, and to see that moment had me choked up. It is truly what #73 is all about.

Christian approaches me often after practice all sweaty and reeking with the smell you can only get from playing football and says things like “Come on Coach Hug it out” and even though his shirt is drenched in sweat I am honored to oblige. Thanks #82! you and your teammates have provided memories I’ll never forget.

Coach Simone

October 11, 2013
2:31:41 PM

Entry #: 4097032
Now sure where to start with this crew… I was lucky enough to coach these 8th graders for 4 years and let me tell you there is no shortage of good stories. I could probably write a story a day for the next 12 months. These stories may or may not include the following
1) Tea bags
2) Wet pants
3) Extraordinary amount of flatulence (one of these young men could not perform a sit-up with our farting. I will not mention any names John Frank)
4) 1000 pointless questions after practice ( I will not mention any names DOM)
6) Inch worms

And countless other stories that are not appropriate for the message board.

All joking aside I had the time of my life coaching this crew and I LOVE each and every one of them. They are a great group of football players but more importantly they are a GREAT GROUP OF YOUNG MEN.
I am going to miss you guys and I will never forget our time together.

Coach Bear

Coach Simone

October 11, 2013
2:45:55 PM

Entry #: 4097039
Oh Yea one more thing.



October 11, 2013
3:11:23 PM

Entry #: 4097047
And what color uniform? Socks? and pants? :)

Coach Duze

October 11, 2013
3:19:04 PM

Entry #: 4097049
It has been a joy for me to watch these boys(young men)grow up through the Raider organization. I remember watching these boys when they where 5,6,7 yrs.old and thinking I would be long gone before they get to 7-8th grade. Man, glad I stuck around because it has been a fun season with these kids. There is never a dull moment at practice, somebody is always acting crazy out of this group. I will definitely miss these characters when they move on to High School but i will love watching them on Friday nights. Lets not get to emotional yet, we still have a job to finish 8th graders to send you on to High School undefeated. Do not take anything for granted and play every game like it is your last. You all have been true Raiders from day one and I thank you for that!!! #73 LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, COURAGE, CHAMPIONS!!! MIGHT AS WELL!!! RAIDERS FOR LIFE!!!
Coach Duze

Coach Sciortino

October 14, 2013
8:33:32 AM

Entry #: 4097509
What is truly unique about these 8th grade boys is that after their games on Saturday, it's not over for them. They will all stay together, whether it's at my my house, Covington's, Raybourn's, Criss's, Henry's , or Becker's. These boys are the true meaning of TEAM. And I love these boys for that. I honestly don't think the Raider organization has ever seen a group of boys quite like them. They are special.

Coach Cascone

October 17, 2013
4:04:43 PM

Entry #: 4098313
My first year coaching the 5th & 6th grade Necco Raiders was the year these boys were 6th graders. I have to say, it was truly a pleasure to have an opportunity to coach these great young men. As a coach, one of the best feeling we experience is when we see these kids develop the way they have. A great group with great things ahead of them. First things first, let's get another Champoinship Victory!! Raiders for Life.

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