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Author TOPIC: Lookingtoplay

July 25, 2014
11:49:32 PM

Entry #: 4137573
I have twin boys and moved to the Kansas City area from Pensacola, Fl last spring. I've seen a couple of teams online and a few flyers and trying to make a sound decision. They're extremely talented (national qualifying AAU track,wrestling) young men. They're 9 and 81 and 83 pounds. I've been to one camp and was pleasantly surprised that the speed and talent was on par with what I've witnessed back home. I would like to have made your camp, but they're going to Iowa for track nationals that week. Teams are already starting practice will i be too late? Just doing my homework.

July 26, 2014
10:10:44 AM

Entry #: 4137600
You came to the right team. Our 3rd/4th grade team went undefeated and won the Super Bowl last year. We pride ourselves on being a great organization and coaching up our kids to play to the best of their potential. Look forward to seeing you this fall.

Coach Robinson

July 28, 2014
12:25:50 PM

Entry #: 4137934
Have you been able to talk to anyone from the organization?

Scott Dusenbery

July 28, 2014
1:07:32 PM

Entry #: 4137944
If you get a chance call 816-804-1102

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