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Author TOPIC: Sharks Mom

October 14, 2015
7:15:40 AM

Entry #: 4184398
Thank you very much for your input and your concern. We will definitely look into this and hopefully make it better. Have a great rest of the season!!!

Sharks Mom

October 14, 2015
11:20:53 AM

Entry #: 4184429
I hope you don't think that I was being disrespectful towards your organization! Your teams have always competed with the definition of class. Some teams do not always win with class and your teams always have in the past and Heaven knows that you guys do your share of winning!! Good luck to you guys as well and I hope that we meet again in the Championship!!


October 15, 2015
2:47:27 PM

Entry #: 4184551
Did not think that you were being disrespectful at all. Thanks for your concern.

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