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Author TOPIC: Update on #55
Vito Joe Cox

November 7, 2016
9:23:41 AM

Entry #: 4211177
On behalf of our entire family we would like to thank all of you for the out pouring of support. Vito suffered a concussion and broken nose. He spent most of Saturday night at Children's Mercy hospital until the doctors felt he was good to go. In only Vito fashion the doctors cleared him to leave once he asked them for a Cheeseburger!LOL Obviously once the appetite kicks in it is good sign you are cleared to go. He is pretty banged up and has to wait two weeks before he can start wrestling but other than that he is doing ok. Thanks to all of you for the text, phone calls and kind words. I would also like to thank the nurse who helped Vito I know she is a parent on the Raiders and she was very very helpful in the process. I apologize I didnt get your name but we do thank you for all your help on Saturday night. It is much appreciated and why the Raiders are a True "family"

Metha, Sarah and Vito Joe Cox

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