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Author TOPIC: 5th and 6th Grade Players
Coach Joe

November 28, 2007
11:03:43 PM

Entry #: 2495214
Congratulations boys on a great season. Our goal was to be the best team we could be--possibly a great team. You became a great team. As a result, you won the Super Bowl.

We very carefully selected the boys that would make this team--not just based on pure skill, but also on desire. We wanted 28 who we thought were going to work hard at becoming great football players. Each of you contributed equally to this season.

I have watched the video of our playoff win vs. the Chiefs and our Super Bowl win vs. the Wolverines at least 20 times each. I am so proud of your play. You guys even improved from the playoff game to the Super Bowl--correcting the smallest of mistakes. That's what made you great. What impressed me most was that you didn't let a negative play get you down. Several times we followed a negative play with a much more positive play.

I usually don't call out individuals, but I want Brock to know that having him on the field was like having a coach in the huddle. Your audibles were perfect. Your leadership was unwaivering. You truly made our offense go. I'm sorry you didn't get to play defense this year, but when the Wolverines QB got hurt on defense it reminded me why I kept you safely on the sidelines.

You guys were truly a joy to coach. Thank you for such a tremendous effort. All of your coaches are extremely proud of you. Even of you, Tommy.

See you at the banquet.

Coach Joe

#12Brock Dorothy

November 29, 2007
10:01:44 PM

Entry #: 2496551
Thanks Coach Joe for the compliment, it really made me feel good about myself. I know you don't point people out much and it is a honor that you talked about me. Thank you for being so supportive of me. Without your audibles our offense wouldn't have worked as great as they did in the Super Bowl.Once again thanks for the compliment and the great season we had together. See you at the Banquet on Saturday.

5th/6th grade Raider parent

December 6, 2007
11:59:24 AM

Entry #: 2504899
We just wanted to let you know of the profound impact you have had on our son this season. In all honesty, he was a little apprehensive of playing for you in the beginning. That feeling lasted for possibly one day as you and the coaching staff hit the ground running with these boys and never looked back.

In watching our son's admiration for you and the other coaches grow throughout the season, there were a few events that stand out. It was a regular season Chief's game and you put the silver offense in. You walked down to the end zone, had your arms crossed and was intensely watching. You yelled at our son because he had an improper block. We heard you up where we were at and thought it must have been pretty bad. Before our son got in the car, he vividly described to us that he did do it properly and that the video footage would 'prove it'. Well, we don't know if it did or not but one point was certainly made. Our son passionately cared about what your opinion of him was. Throughout the season, he would relate to us almost verbatim many of the points you were getting across to the boys.

We were so happy to be a part of your team this season, even if we are a small part. You and your staff are very good at making all 28 players feel like each and every one of them have an important role to play and that THE TEAM has to have each play that role so that THE TEAM will flourish and become a very special memory for all of us that were involved.

Your leadership is outstanding. Your leadership is continuously striving to help all players ask themselves(as one other person wrote on this website), "Have I got what it takes?" Think about that. We are talking about life here, not just football. Coach Joe, you have set the bar very high for these boys to reach. You and the other coaches are in a position to have such a huge psychological impact on these boys. We feel that you and your coaching staff took the concept of "Have I got what it takes?" and somehow brought some interesting characteristics out of our son.

We look back to the beginning of the season to now. Our son now has more self-confidence and is more assertive. This translates to better self-esteem. He is also a better football player!!! My husband and I would heartily like to thank you and your coaching staff for all the time and effort you have put into this great football team.

In closing, I'd like to share with you the latest comment from our son in regards to you. We were watching the highlight video and saw your speech. Our son turned to us and said, "Mom, I think Coach Joe really cares for us..." You and your coaching staff are just wonderful and we are looking forwared to next season.

Coach Joe

December 6, 2007
9:00:01 PM

Entry #: 2505574
Just as it took 28 boys to make us a successful team, it took six coaches to lead the team. I must give credit to Kelly, Carl, Brad, Tim and Henry. They put in countless hours and care for these boys very much. Thank you for your comments they are greatly appreciated.


February 6, 2008
1:17:50 PM

Entry #: 2585559
you know you used "you guys came together" a lot and it would not have been possible with out you so thanks a lot for all the support but you deserve most of the credit

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