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Author TOPIC: Praise for clean-up day
Stephanie O'Dear

August 16, 2008
5:28:47 PM

Entry #: 2872055
Dear Raiders,

You are to be congratulated on one of the finest days in the team's history - the first annual clean-up day! Not only did you show-up in big numbers, you made a big difference in the community, in your home field and in the lives of individuals. I personally want to thank you, as does the team leadership, the Gracemor-Randolph Community Council and KCMO Councilwoman Deb Hermann, on a day of overwhelming effort and outstanding results.

The project was a huge success - the neighbors are beyond grateful and appreciative - and the park looks fantastic, worthy of those who play and cheer there. You made an investment in others which will come back to you in spades. And you should be proud.

Parents, you showed amazing generosity of your time and energy as well. I especially want to give a shout-out to Neal Wilkerson and Bruce Lackey who made countless trips with their trucks and trailer, picking up all the trash bags and debris assembled at pick-up points around the neighborhood. We could not have done it without you!

Some great improvements are in store for this field in the near future and this was an important step in making those happen. What goes around, does come around. Thanks again, EVERYONE!


Clayton Mordecai

August 17, 2008
5:43:04 PM

Entry #: 2872592
clean up day was awesome

August 19, 2008
8:43:41 AM

Entry #: 2874778
What a great Day for a great cause. Thank you Stephanie for organizing this event.

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