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Author TOPIC: Super bowl!!!
Michael Lackey

November 16, 2008
9:06:44 PM

Entry #: 2991002
Hey Raiders' fans. This is MIchael Lackey. Im the brother of Alex Lackey. I came in from college this weekend to watch my cousin Kyle Tomc play and my brother play. Those were two great games, but there is ONE MORE GOAL......THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! This is why you guys ran those laps and hills, these are the times when you buckle down play harder. This next game will be one of the biggest games of your lives. You will remember it forever. I was a former Raider and I lost two games in my 6 year career. I also won 5 out of the 6 Super bowls. I still talk about it with my past teammates. For the 8th graders, this is it. Your last week of practice and also your last game. I told Alex the quote for this week should be...."A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback." Believe in the guy next to you, trust him that he will do his job. I will be making the trip back to KC on saturday. I want to see the sweep. One other thing I have to say, HIT THE OTHER TEAMS HARD!!!!!

Good Luck,

Michael Lackey

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