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Author TOPIC: 5th/6th Grade Raiders
An Observer

August 11, 2011
12:33:44 PM

Entry #: 3779637
This team has the potential to be absolutely dominant this year, with alot of talent in the backfield and on the line. Learning a new offense will take a little time, but there is no doubt in my mind that Coach Simone and his coaching staff will have these boys prepared and ready to go. Keep working hard boys, the Simone Tournament will be here before you know it. I can't wait for the 2011 season to get started!

Thursday's Practice

August 12, 2011
11:01:46 AM

Entry #: 3780258
The defense looked good in drills last night. They were extremely aggressive looked like a pack of wild dogs turned loose against the offense. This year is going to be fun!!!

Cautious Optimism

August 12, 2011
2:34:21 PM

Entry #: 3780419
While I agree with what has been written, it doesn't matter how good they look in practice, but how they execute on gameday. We should have a much better idea how good this team can be after they go up against some different competition in the Simone Tournament.

Very Impressed

August 23, 2011
12:22:23 PM

Entry #: 3786942
The boys started out looking a little tentative and out of sync in that first game against the Irish, but to their credit they got progressively better with each succeeding game. Their revenge win against the Irish in the championship game showed that they have a lot of heart and Raider Pride. Looks like this is going to be a fun team to watch this season.

Raider Alum

August 26, 2011
7:27:58 PM

Entry #: 3789276
Too quote Bart Scott "CAN'T WAIT"


September 1, 2011
8:42:25 AM

Entry #: 3792350
After watching last night's scrimmage, all I can say is it's a shame there's no game this weekend. The Black team is definitely game-ready and primed to put the hurt on somebody!

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