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2012 Schedules

August 15, 2012
9:12:49 AM

Entry #: 3962752
Will they be posted this week or after the Simone Tournament?


August 16, 2012
8:47:21 AM

Entry #: 3963292
Schedules are available now. I see the "B" teams got shortchanged this year, only playing 6 games instead of 7. Let's hope our boys see some mop-up time at the end of the "A" games on Saturdays. These kids don't become better players by standing on the sidelines and watching. I understand that scheduling was difficult this year, but losing an extra game's experience doesn't help our kids develop for the following season.

Observant Grandpa

August 17, 2012
8:51:02 AM

Entry #: 3963786
Agree schedule is a farce, one 3/4 team plays an A game on Thurs. nite 7 PM and less than 40 hrs later play an A game Sat morning at 10 AM. Board said referee Assoc. did the schedule so as to more easily schedule refs. Thought they worked for the league and they should work on our schedule. But also heard that Preident of league when asked why back to back 3/4 games, "its just 3/4 graders no big deal" Thought flag & 3/4 was foundation of league and you build from bottom up, with those attitudes maybe that is reason numbers are down.

Enough Already

August 17, 2012
9:14:47 AM

Entry #: 3963791
Stop crying about a schedule. They lay a schedule in front of us and we play the schedule given. Who cares. The first thing the kids should be taught is no excuses, no complaining. You have a mission laid out for you and you get it done. As far as the B game situation, there were only 6 B games scheduled last year. There was not one scheduled after the first regular season game nor after the last regular season game. We ended up playing 7 only because the Chiefs organization agreed to play us at their field and the coaches reffed. Your child gets plenty of experience every night in practice when they get to scrimmage some of the best players in the league. Again stop complaining as you only set a bad example.

Chill Out

August 17, 2012
10:38:01 AM

Entry #: 3963832
Geez, relax a little, okay? Why so sensitive about the schedule? Are you married or related to someone who put it together? The schedule was a challenge this year & they admitted it up front. Between the unbalanced number of teams and problems with field availability there were bound to be issues. Don't get so upset just because someone's opinion doesn't jive with yours.

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