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October 28, 2012
8:45:40 PM

Entry #: 4001973
Does anyone know if will be broadcasting the semi-final and finals this year like last year??


November 1, 2012
1:31:25 AM

Entry #: 4004189
To answer your question...Not as of now. I did submit a bit to the league for Filming this year for the NSYFL. I did win the bid and am filming ALL the RD1 & RD2 & Championship games this year....OFFICALLY. Within my bit I had an option to have exactally what we had last year, a LIVE WEB BROADCAST! Last year my guy was able to do both RD2 and Championship games for FREE. No charge to us. This year, I asked to get a bid from him. It will cost 700.00 to film fri night and sat nights championship games. I put in my bid that it was the league's responsibility to pay that, but could do so by getting sponsors or advertisers to help pay for the costs. their logo would be broadcasted throughout the games and placed on all printed DVD materials etc. So if anyone knows of any sponsors whom would be interested in helping cover these costs, we can make it happen. My hope was to get 7 sponsors at 100.00 each. talk them up throughout the live broadcast. and the Live DVD burn would this year have that live brodcast burned to the disk and would be what you would purchase when buying the DVD. all the commentary and extra bells and whistles would be on the DVD. Same as what is shown Live on the Web. But as of now...the NSYFL didnt want to go that route. Too risky I guess. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please call or email me. 816-806-6964 Thanks, Monte

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