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Raider Nation

August 7, 2013
10:42:58 PM

Entry #: 4080886
Who is going to be some of the top flag teams this year??

The Commentator

August 9, 2013
3:01:09 PM

Entry #: 4081334
There is absolutely no way to know that. You're dealing with a group of 1st and 2nd graders, many who are playing organized football for the first time in their lives. Trying to predict who's going to have a good flag team is the biggest gamble in this entire league.

August 12, 2013
12:03:11 PM

Entry #: 4081933
We need to get more kids out for Flag. If anyone knows a good player we will still take them. Our numbers were down this year for Flag and it is important that we continue to bring young players to our program. Please pass on how great this organization is and get more kids to come out. We have room for more.

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