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Author TOPIC: suspicious person
Concerned Parent

October 7, 2013
9:03:43 AM

Entry #: 4096012
Necco Family - Just wanted to let everyone know, on Saturday at the 3&4 game, I noticed a suspicious person walking around. I had never seen him at the park before - for games or practices. When I arrived he was sitting on the stairs of the concession. He was not with a group so I don't think he was there to watch a certain player. He wandered down by the field and I kept an eye on him for awhile. He stood a watched the cheerleaders for a few minutes. I was going to ask my brother to talk to him and make 'small talk' but then I didn't see him in sight . I just wanted to make everyone aware, I know we can all get comfortable around a familiar area with people we know but just be aware of our surroundings and keep an extra eye on our little ones. This may not be anything, I may be over reacting but I just got a funny feeling from it so I thought I'd share. Thanks

mike dorian

October 7, 2013
12:52:09 PM

Entry #: 4096098
What were they wearing?

Chris Robinson

October 7, 2013
2:04:22 PM

Entry #: 4096116
I am pretty sure it was the guy who comes down to the field every once in a while. I don't know his name but he has hung around for about 3 years now if that helps. I saw him standing in front of the cheerleaders smoking. If this was not him please let us know.

mike dorian

October 7, 2013
10:43:02 PM

Entry #: 4096226
same one I was thinking about Chris..

October 8, 2013
9:48:49 AM

Entry #: 4096266
He was wearing a beat down red sweat shirt I notice him because he was out there smoking in front of the con-cession stand when most of the parents smoke in the parking lot. I saw him during training last year, he was out there were the flag team was training.

Concerned Parent

October 9, 2013
4:04:34 PM

Entry #: 4096629
I cannot remember if he was smoking at the times I had seen him. But he was in a dingy red sweatshirt and I want to say black jeans. Kind of scruffy looking. Would you say this is the same guy you all saw?

October 11, 2013
8:31:35 AM

Entry #: 4096951
Yeah sounds like the same guy.

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