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Author TOPIC: Thank you Clayton Gray, website manager!

October 13, 2007
5:40:27 PM

Entry #: 2416777
Mr. Gray, the website looks awesome! We Raiders appreciate all your hard work and the time it takes to complete. KUDOS!!!!!


October 13, 2007
9:35:27 PM

Entry #: 2417065

Clayton Gray

October 14, 2007
11:53:46 AM

Entry #: 2417555
Thank you, and I'm glad you like what we have done with the site. I enjoy contributing to this great organization. The Necco Raiders have so many great stories, and pictures to share and we hope to get as much of that published as possible.

I would like everyone to know that Brad Newland is also a big contributor to the Raider Website. Brad has done a great deal to help keep the site updated and informative. Brad does so many things for the Raiders and the website is just another way he has gotten involved. way to go Mr Newland.


October 20, 2007
7:50:30 AM

Entry #: 2428565
All i can say is a big thank you this site is great and very informative.The message board is a great tool also great job fellas.

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