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Author TOPIC: football
Coach Kevin Palmer

November 19, 2007
4:55:50 PM

Entry #: 2483211
Thank you for letting me play with the team. I really enjoyed the season! I know more about football than I knew before I played. It was really exciting learning how to play the real game of football.I don't like moving to 5/6 at all! But I can learn more about football and new plays. Next year I'm going to fight,scratch,and claw to what ever team we verse in the playoffs! We will win there too! And that team will remember the RAIDERS!

Coach Palmer

November 19, 2007
7:39:52 PM

Entry #: 2483575

Thanks for getting out of the car on sign-up day. You were fun to coach and I enjoyed you too! Good luck next year in 5th & 6th. I will come watch you next year so continue to work hard and have fun playing for the Raiders. You did a wonderful job this year!

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