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Author TOPIC: 5/6 Victory over Jets

September 25, 2008
1:10:22 PM

Entry #: 2921763
What an exciting victory over the Jets. The score did not show how hard our Raiders had to play. The Jets had a strong team and kept our Line working hard all night. Kudos to our coaching staff who sees talent in all our players and utilizes several different players, not just one. Keep up the hard work Raiders. Get better soon Warmack! Let's beat the Chiefs!

September 25, 2008
3:45:05 PM

Entry #: 2922087
I agree! What a great game to watch, the excitement was certainly there. In regards to our Line, they did a great job of blocking and creating some holes against a good team that had a big line. Our defensive line had a good push to contain their runners. Good job to everyone!

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