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Author TOPIC: Congrats Flag Teams
Coach Joe

November 16, 2008
7:37:02 PM

Entry #: 2990896
Congratulations to both flag teams. There was a time when our flag program was not very competitive. We have made great strides thanks to tremendous dedication from the sponsor, coaches and of course the players. Good luck on Saturday.

Clayton Gray

November 18, 2008
12:05:10 PM

Entry #: 2993003
Thank you coach Joe. The high standards have been set in this organization by coaches like yourself, Scott, Kevin, and all the rest. Brad Newland's Wingman program has also helped these young players live up to those standards. Older Raider players and coaches making sure our Flag players understand what it means to be a Raider will help ensure the Great Raider tradition is carried on. Thank you to all who have taken an interest in what these young players are doing, and any help you may have given along the way.

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