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Author TOPIC: Wingman Night on YouTube
Stephanie O'Dear

November 22, 2008
11:27:52 PM

Entry #: 2997903
The clip shown at the banquet is on YouTube at It is titled "NECCO Raider Wingman Night" and can be found using those search words as well.


November 22, 2008
11:30:55 PM

Entry #: 2997905
Click on "WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY" under the volume control for better clarity.

Clayton Gray

November 23, 2008
6:13:47 PM

Entry #: 2998666

Great job on the video! I have shown it to many people outside of the Raiders, and they have all been very impressed. You are such an asset to the Raiders organization. Sorry for the computer crash during the presentation, I hope it didn't spoil the moment. I have watched the video many times, and it never gets old. Once again GREAT JOB!!!


November 23, 2008
8:42:46 PM

Entry #: 2998853
Thank you very much for your time on this OUTSTANDING video.I have veiwed a few times and teared up everytime thanks so much. Emmett

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