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Author TOPIC: 97 DAYS
Coach Tomc

November 2, 2009
11:20:15 PM

Entry #: 3325950
From the 1st day of tryouts till Super Bowl Saturday, 97 days is what we all will have invested in this very worthy goal Raiders. 97 days of sweat, round the worlds, hills, pushups, sprints and hard hits. Is it worth it?, you're dad gum right its been worth it. We are lucky that our coaches pushed us as hard as they have because we have earned and deserve the right to play this Saturday. Very few remeber how you start but everyone remembers how you finish. Championships do not come cheap, they must be forged and later savored. Execution and effort are a must this Saturday, when you are going as hard as you can go, reach down and go harder, it is possible, champions have been doing it since Football has been around. I would say good luck but really luck has very little to do with it. Leave it all on the field boys, leave everything on the field.

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