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Author TOPIC: Playoffs
Travis Miller

November 1, 2010
9:48:28 AM

Entry #: 3605614
Does anyone have more information on who won this past weekend? I presume the Wolverines won the 5th/6th and 7th/8th since the Raiders are playing the Jets. How about Raiders white Flag?

November 1, 2010
3:05:40 PM

Entry #: 3605926
Necco Raiders
White Flag lost in a tough first round playoff game on Saturday but had a GREAT year, good job boys!!! Second round playoffs are set with the Black Flag vs. Blue WolverinesAll Raider Tackle teams will face All Jets teams on Saturday at NKC H.S.
Game times are Flag 8:45 am3rd&4th 10:00 am5th&6th 12:00 pm7th&8th 2:00 pm. We are the Home team so lets make it look like a Raiders home game.

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