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Author TOPIC: Sidelines are not for babysitting
Just a parent

November 6, 2010
8:09:54 PM

Entry #: 3609984
Parents, come on. The sidelines are not a place for the younger team members to be playing and jacking around. They should be watching the game if they are going to stay. As I walked down to the consession stand/tent i listended to a parent ask the boys to move so a lady in a wheelchair could see. As I watched later, there they were again right in the way. I saw them throw their candy trash, their soda cans on the sidelines. We all saw the child inside the bell. I honestly don't know how we didn't get a penalty with as many times and the younger kids were on the field along the sidelines. COME ON!! We should all be watching the game and giving our support to the team playing.

Alan Heyne

November 9, 2010
2:30:22 PM

Entry #: 3612593
I agree that the sideline is not a babysitter. However, I would hope that if my children are acting badley while attending any NSYFL games, and I don't see it, the Raider parent that see's it would do one of two things say something to the kids, or come tell me and I will take care of it. One could even do both the above.
Thank You


November 10, 2010
12:12:06 AM

Entry #: 3613014
Way to be on top of things, I think. You made a good suggestion, maybe just elaborated a little long.

Jenn Shy

November 10, 2010
8:54:31 AM

Entry #: 3613131
Mr. Heyne, I being the parent who kindly asked the boy's to move did in fact ask Hunter, who very politely did as I asked. And from that point on he made sure he was not in the way of my mom. He showed tremendous respect!

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