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Author TOPIC: Best Day Ever
Silver Flag Mom

November 8, 2010
1:51:04 PM

Entry #: 3611475
I just wanted to say "Congratulations" to the Silver Flag Raiders team. The boys played their little hearts out last night and came out on top in a nerve racking game. They weren't intimidated at all and they got out there on that field and played like the great little athletes they are. It was awesome to watch them hand it to the previously undefeated Black Longhorns team. It went down in my son's book as the Best Day Ever!!! Congratulations again to Silver Flag!!!

Silver Flag Mom

November 8, 2010
1:52:33 PM

Entry #: 3611480
And also a shout out to the Raiders Gray Flag. They had several awesome games yesterday too!!!

Black/White Flag Dad

November 9, 2010
8:36:22 AM

Entry #: 3612220
I have two boys on flag and the little Kindergarten White flag team took 2nd in there division and Black made the superbowl! Not bad for having five flag teams and all of them are finishing great! I was at that silver game and your boys played great! My wife and I were so happy for you guys!

Alan Heyne

November 9, 2010
2:36:08 PM

Entry #: 3612603
Had a chance to see games at PV and Parkville. Great job all around, we all should be proud of all the flag teams. It was an AWESOME Raider football day, Thanks guys


November 10, 2010
12:18:05 AM

Entry #: 3613016
Silver Flag Mom, what a great story. Best day ever, Im glad you got to witness that.

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