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Author TOPIC: Is this league getting to dangerous
concerned Raider Lover

November 15, 2010
3:13:10 PM

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Raider Coach

November 15, 2010
6:39:08 PM

Entry #: 3616974
Guys i can understand that most of you are upset about 7th and 8th graders losing in the Superbowl. But making excuses does not help. I can not speak for other organizations and what they do. We need to keep our cool and remember the kids. I know they all wanted to win and they played their hearts out, but, the truth is that this is a great life lesson for the kids. Sometimes you work your heart out for something and it just don't pan out right. Its how you move on that makes you a champion. Thats how life is. The raider organization is about more than football. Its about life and life lessons and how to make the boys better. Thats what us coaches try to instill in them. The boys will move on from this and it will make them better men. Remember what the Necco Raiders are all about.

Tom Lamb

November 16, 2010
10:24:27 AM

Entry #: 3617342
I have coached in this league for may years. This year i decided not to coach and switch teams, the team we went to was the Wolverines. We had a great time there,but that is beside the point. The point is i personally have a lot of friends whith the Raiders organazation and i have always loved the way they run their program. I also coach a hand full of past Raiders in an other sport, and i will tell you they are great families. The president of your organazation called me and my son to congradulate us on a great game. I thanked Tom and told him the neat thing for us parents and football fans of the northland was to see how many great football players that were on the feild that day. We never once talked about anything negative it was all about what a hard fought game it was.We also talked about how much the games has changed over the years with the kids being so much bigger and faster.You have a Great organazation. I will ignore all of the negative comments and keep my respect for the organazation that i have had for 14 years.

Jenn Shy

November 16, 2010
10:45:30 AM

Entry #: 3617355
As everyone is aware, we were long time Wolverines. We switched this year due to some personal issues. My family and I also still have a lot of friends on the Wolverines and I will say today like I said on Saturday, they came ready to play. It was a hard fought game, some calls I'm sure both sides would say should have been called and so forth. I would have to agree with the coach, leave it on the field. The game is over and all anyone can do is prepare for next season. In that being said, I have to give the RAIDER coaches much applause as I never heard one negative comment about another team. All the things told to the boy's was to be prepared, play with heart, NEVER a negative comment. For that I sincerely say thank you! It was a terrific season and we are already looking forward to next year :)

Ty Gifford

November 16, 2010
11:46:59 AM

Entry #: 3617415
Maybe your wording is a off before you start throwing around the word “Quote”. First off last year # 88 was the best player outside of number 9. Douse had an excellent team that was tough and very experienced. # 88 kicked our tail all over the field the first time we played. He plays like the stud he is. I know as a coach we had to block him every play or we wouldn’t have a fighting chance.
Life lesson- football is a tuff sport it’s not for everyone. I hope that works for you. If you feel Retaliate means to go play every play like it’s your last then you got me. If it means not to back down to a challenge then I’m guilty.
Yes, I was very proud of my team that made a super Bowl. What coach wouldn’t be proud of that? It was a excellent game the Raiders won. Our kids played a great game and fell short to a great team. Please understand that I’m very close to Coach Douse and very impressed with him and his team every year. He is not only an excellent coach but a great friend.
If you would like, I have the dvd and we can sit together and watch the games I’ll bring the popcorn. We can watch the first game and I can show you how # 88 is an excellent player that dominated the first game. I also can show you if you don’t block him every play he can control a game. To block #88 has nothing to do with the play on Clay. I understand getting hit is part of football sometimes things happen in those hits. Clay learned a life lesson to run out of bounds instead of getting hit by a LB. Clay is a tough kid and bounced back after his release. Blocking #88 every play HAS TO DO with #88 being an outstanding football player and one of the best LB to come thru the NSYFL. In my option the hit was part of football. Enough said. No crying from me.
Awards- all the kids get awards at our banquet and I have never given an award out for going after a kid. We had 32 kids last year and I handed out 32 awards. I’m sure I didn’t hand out the number 88 award to anyone. Also for you not liking the MW you sure come to a lot of our functions. Does this seem to be a little creepy to you? Maybe this year you can sit next to me. I will leave an seat open for you.
As for Tommy sorry you got brought up in this crap but I wish you the best a Rockhurst and make the NSYFL proud. As a coach we follow players because that is what makes us proud as coaches. To see Tommy play elite ball to see Mike Rose go to Nebraska. Jayson Palmgren, number 71, is the starting left guard at Missouri.. Jayson played 7th and 8th Grade Football for the Chargers. Let’s be proud of the accomplishments of these kids and not knock them down.
Release, first off I have never had a kid or his parents ask me for release since I’ve been coaching. Nice try.

With the Silvo issue please understand that you’re attacking an 11 year old boy. I feel it’s sad as you as a parent would even raise judgment on a kid.

To throw peoples name out there and not back it up with your name that tells me what type of person you are. Please understand coaches and board members don’t get paid. If they do I haven’t received my check. We do this for the love of the kids and football. I feel it’s an awesome thing to see coaches on teams for 10 plus years and not earn a dime. I’m also sure I teach my boys about life lesson everyday but I’m sure you know that since you’re in my pocket every day.
If you would like to call me my number isn’t hard to find.
I don’t mind you talking crap on me but please keep the kids out of the conversation. All they want to do is play football.

"Former" Coach Joe Raiders

November 16, 2010
2:41:49 PM

Entry #: 3617518
This was my first year as a spectator since 2003. I played in the league as a kid (for the Jetsbig secret) and coached 3/4th and 5/6th Raiders since 2004. All 3 of my boys are now in High School and all enjoy playing football. Coach Gifford is correct, we need to celebrate ALL of these kids and the coaches who commit their time. Today, my boys are teammates and friends with former Wolverines, Jets, Giants, Sharks, Vikings, etc., etc. That is the beauty of this league. They compete against each other as kids and then mix it all up for high school. As a matter of fact #9 and #88, who became great friends as Raiders, are now rivals (and still friends) at Blue Springs and Rockhurst respectively.

I was at the game Saturday. I was proud of our team and I was also proud of the Wolverines. Both teams played hard and respectfully. I am also proud every Friday night when I see an NSYFL kid on a high school field who we directly or indirectly helped get there. As it relates to potential rules violations, people should express their concerns to board members instead of posting their points of view here.

By the way, the late hit on Faizol may have been a result of confusion regarding the end zone linelet's give the Wolverine player the benefit of the doubt.

7th Grade Raider Mom

November 16, 2010
2:48:47 PM

Entry #: 3617524
As a 7th grade Raider mom, my son came off the field Saturday with big crocodile tears running down his cheeks. I hugged him and said "you can't win them all". He started in about a kid on the Wolverines having a beard and the bad calls by the refs and I said "all of that aside, you guys played your best and it just wasn't good enought today. You have to take the losses with the wins and handle them with just as much dignity as you handle the wins." He dried up his tears and walked to the car with his head held high. As a spectator of the game on Saturday, I witnessed the rough hits, late hits and bad calls. But, my son didn't need to hear all of that. I would just hope that all of us Raider parents are not feeding our sons excuses for their loss. I hope we are teaching them how to lose with dignity and not blame everyone else for their shortcomings. That is the lesson to be learned from Saturday. It's about the kids and teaching them how to be great men as well as great athletes.

Ty Gifford

November 16, 2010
3:21:14 PM

Entry #: 3617557
Thanks Joe for your response. That means alot to me since your Tommy's father. I wish your son the best at all times. I know I will hear his name 100 times before he is done at the Hurst. Good luck to the Hurst in the playoffs. Thanks again Joe

Coach Tomc

November 16, 2010
4:43:00 PM

Entry #: 3617601
A lot of good points are being made in this forum. If you ask me it is water under the bridge. We should go on and remember this was just one little league football game. Would we liked to have won, absolutely, but there is a teaching or coaching opportunity within the loss, and we would be well served to take advantage of it. We had a great year, I personally enjoyed a lot and look forward to following all of the eighth graders that played on Saturday in High School, because there were a lot of outstanding players.

Cooler Heads Prevail

November 16, 2010
10:20:10 PM

Entry #: 3617830
Well done and great timing Moderator

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