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Author TOPIC: Hats Off!
Jenn Shy

November 17, 2010
2:02:57 PM

Entry #: 3618220
I can't say enough good words about the coaches and this orginization. I must admit I felt like a huge hypocrite when we first moved over here this year. I bought off on a lot of what I was told about the RAIDERS, and I am so glad that I personally took the time to see for myself what the RAIDERS were all about. This was a fantastic year, and it goes way beyond the wins & losses. I met some great families and Tyler now has many more friends and teamates.
I just can't get over the great attitude Coach Dusenberry relayed to Tyler after the loss on Saturday. I was standing there talking to him as he had huge tears running down his face and Coach came over with a huge smile on his face, put his arm around him and said, "I know it's tough to lose, it's even tougher to lose to your old team, but you played hard and gave it all you got, that is nothing to be upset about. I'm proud of you for being a 7th grader and starting on the line, that's a hard thing to do" Let me tell you, tears welled up in my eyes! Tyler quickly realized that how he handled this loss was going to determine the rest of his day and weekend and quickly let it go and just said, "I've got to get ready for next year".
So with much KUDO's I say Thank you to all of the Coaches on every level for your time and dedication to all of these kids. You make more of a difference than you realize.

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