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Author TOPIC: Homecoming Parade Info
Art Shell

September 28, 2011
12:43:51 PM

Entry #: 3807885
Everyone meet up at Taco Bell early Saturday morning and follow the Maestro of Miles Per Gallon to San Rafeal field. Might as well! Sweet!

September 28, 2011
2:46:24 PM

Entry #: 3807976

The Prius Prince

September 30, 2011
8:27:26 AM

Entry #: 3809048
I could pull that trailer Saturday morning and still top 50 MPGs. Do you like apples? I think you know the rest.

September 30, 2011
11:13:44 AM

Entry #: 3809169
LOL!!!! With the dog out the window in the wind.


September 30, 2011
3:09:01 PM

Entry #: 3809337
You still need to pimp that ride. Prius and Lap dogs scream the wrong message for a football coach. Pimp it out and let everyone know the inner Roo of Coach Roos!!!

Just don't let them see you declining any penalties because they will go right back to the original Prius and lap dog message.

I know that you are a tough real man. Right?

The Prius Prince

September 30, 2011
3:56:41 PM

Entry #: 3809367
I'm thinking something like this, but Silver and Black. Meet me at Taco Bell. It's goin' down. Meet me at San Rafel. It's goin' down. Meet me at Al's Grill. It's goin' down. Anywhere ya meet me guaranteed to go down.

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