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Author TOPIC: Homecoming

October 3, 2011
9:15:19 AM

Entry #: 3810647
Had a great time on Homecoming. Field looked great. Thanks to all the Hard work put in by the Raider Moms! You guys shined on Saturday.

Lieutenant Wrinkles

October 4, 2011
9:33:56 AM

Entry #: 3811359
I second that! Perfect weather, great football and amazing atmosphere. Thank you volunteers! I loved hanging out the window of my owner's eco-sweet Toyo on the parade route, anticipating the soothing sounds of Mr. Cox, taking in the succulent smells wafting from Al's grill and seeing the beautifully decorated field. My sweater vest was freshly pressed and really highlighted my shiny coat. According to my boy the Prius Prince, Homecoming utopia would have been reached if he heard less 80's hip hop and more country and 70's Gold. Go Raiders!
- Lieutenant Wrinkles - Official Lapdog of the Necco Raiders

October 7, 2011
3:45:14 PM

Entry #: 3813545
We need more "Bad To The Bone"!

Lieutenant Wrinkles

October 7, 2011
4:14:55 PM

Entry #: 3813555
Yeah, wasn't that the unofficial, official song of the Raiders' introductions? Let's get back to tradition instead of the Party Anthem or whatever. Plus George Thoroughgood has a small carbon footprint.
- LW

Flag Granny

October 10, 2011
8:49:40 AM

Entry #: 3814592
What is all this gobbeldy gook? Keep the nonsense to your friends on Facepage. Who is this stupid dog supposed to be anyway? This is a FOOTBALL internets journal! Let's hear more about the Raiders. Big weekend upcoming for the youngsters.

October 10, 2011
10:48:36 AM

Entry #: 3814704
Fair enough Granny, give us a preview of this weeks flag game.

Alot of people done keep up with the flag team just because the games are so early. But against the wolverines, every game is must-see.

Flag Granny

October 10, 2011
10:57:29 AM

Entry #: 3814714
All I know is we have looked great all year. Tough test against the Longhorns a couple weeks back was beneficial. I know the Wolverines will be a big challenge. Please come early for your game and support the flag team. And stay late for the other flag team. I'm hoping we'll be see them in the playoffs. Coach Grego and Coach Rusty will have the young men ready. Go Raiders. If the other stuff is just for fun, then I guess that is ok too.

October 10, 2011
12:18:40 PM

Entry #: 3814763
Lt Wrinkles Just got his nose rubbed in it from a flag kids grandma. Next time it will be a rolled up newspaper, after that a kick from Chef Al's prosthetic boot.

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