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Author TOPIC: A possible milestone this weekend
History Buff

November 4, 2013
5:05:18 PM

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Not to add to any pressures for any of the teams this weekend but as I was doing a little Necco Raider history research this afternoon IF our 7th/8th grade team takes care of business Friday night that will make the 49th Super bowl championship for our proud organization. Uh oh Donnie Ray look who gets to go after #50! So no pressure coach Gray if Duse holds court Friday you get the daunting task of going after good old #50! You know what our 3/4th is just the right crew to do it! Good luck both teams this weekend your biggest fan will be there loud and proud! RAIDER 4 LIFE

November 4, 2013
11:07:08 PM

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November 11, 2013
8:59:39 AM

Entry #: 4104011
They got-ER-done!!! Number 50 is in the books!!! Good job Raiders!!!


November 13, 2013
1:05:47 PM

Entry #: 4104469
I had to slow this thread down a little and realign its purpose. We have amazing classes of kids and each level has many things to be proud of. It isn't so much a competition between the classes as it is milestones for the organization. 8th graders being undefeated in tackle and winners of the championship each year is an amazing milestone. The 4th grade class only giving up 3 td's ever and only losing one game (which I blame myself for)is a tremendous milestone, the 7th grade group who have won 6 championships and only lost one game ever is another great milestone. These Milestones are additional bricks and mortar to the foundation that has been laid before we got here.

The Necco Raider organization has built a culture that breeds a championship mentality. That culture is built from the foundation of #73 and the many kids who have been Raiders over the years. We have a responsibility to nurture that culture and build on it. I see the 60-0 mark of the 8th graders as a product of that environment along with all the other success we have. This culture is why the Raiders have success every year. The success each class has is something we should all be very proud of especially all who came before them and put the work in to build this great organization.

To me it is simple... Love, Courage, Friendship, and Champion. Once you understand that you understand what it means to say Raider for life.

Coach Simone

November 13, 2013
1:35:32 PM

Entry #: 4104476
Thank you CG!!!

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