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Author TOPIC: jpw med inter thoughts???

November 15, 2011
11:01:37 PM

Entry #: 3838749
Does anyone have any thoughts on this division? I see alot of posts about jr midget pee wee and midget but not much on this division at all, what are your predictions?
Wolcott? Everett? Fairhaven? Eastbay?


November 16, 2011
1:50:58 AM

Entry #: 3838812
Wolcott is really good I can see them taking first but everitt is also good so maybe Wolcott first everrit second good luck to all

ch33r godess

November 16, 2011
9:30:13 AM

Entry #: 3838888
Ive seen both teams and I think Everett is the better team they actually have intermediate skills in there routine. Who knows anything can happen on Saturday best of luck to both teams!


November 16, 2011
9:42:48 AM

Entry #: 3838898
I was at qualifiers both days and if I had to choose I think Wolcott has better tumbling slightly but I think overall Everett's skill and routine might give them the slighter edge. Should be a good division to watch. Good luck cant wait for saturday


November 16, 2011
10:16:42 AM

Entry #: 3838913
I saw both qualifiers too, and it will def. be Everett and Wolcatt in the top 2. I though both teams had a good amount of intermediate skills. I liked Wolcott's dance and tumbling better, but I thought Everett's pyramid was better. we will see.


November 16, 2011
10:26:19 AM

Entry #: 3838917
I feel the same way, Wolcott and Everett are the 2 stronger teams here, they both have a good combination of intermediate skills, dance and cheer are both good. I do like Everetts music and dance better but thats just my personal opinion. I think it could go either way between these 2 teams. It will definitely be a nailbiter on saturday! Good luck to all 4 teams competing in this division and to everyone else on Saturday!


November 19, 2011
9:13:08 PM

Entry #: 3840608
Everett Huskies 1st
Wolcott 2nd
Fairhaven 3rd
EastBay 4th



November 21, 2011
4:08:06 PM

Entry #: 3841736
i thought this was a cute division i love everetts dance...wolcott was also sharp

i think when they are this little they are adorable

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