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Author TOPIC: Level 3 Pyramid Question??

September 4, 2012
8:10:19 AM

Entry #: 3971678
in a level 3 pyramid, can you have outside hitches? so middle girl in a prep and 2 outside extended level libs hitched on to middle prep.... or does the extended level lib have to be braced on both sides.

the rule book seems a little confusing because it only talks about tic-tocs....


September 4, 2012
8:31:07 AM

Entry #: 3971687
Yes you can have outside hitches connected to a middle prep :)


September 4, 2012
10:06:11 AM

Entry #: 3971727
so they do not have to be braced on both sides then???

they only need to be braced if they are doing a tic toc?


September 4, 2012
1:03:36 PM

Entry #: 3971813
Yes that is correct... level 3 is the exact same thing as intermeditae was last year with a few new tricks in it :) Good luck with your season


September 5, 2012
7:52:59 AM

Entry #: 3972120
thank you :) My team went from Novice to Level 3, so im just a little confused by the rules!!!

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