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Author TOPIC: D teams level 1 small and medium

October 23, 2012
11:09:12 AM

Entry #: 3998583
Does anyone know of any D teams that are level 1?


October 23, 2012
11:12:50 AM

Entry #: 3998585
Jr. Pee Wee - EMASS
Lawrence Hurricanes Small Level 1
LBH Raiders Medium Level 1
East Lynn Bulldogs Medium Level 1
Revere Jr. Patriots Medium Level 1
Saugus Sachems Medium Level 1
Lowell Red Raiders Medium Level 1

I just took these from the OOA that was posted for the Oct 13 Competition. Or did you mean outside of EMASS?


October 23, 2012
12:23:59 PM

Entry #: 3998654
Thanks Cheerfun... Outside of Emass... is there any other teams?


October 23, 2012
12:35:32 PM

Entry #: 3998662
Northern CT:
New Milford Bulls JPW Small Level 1
Nonnewaug JPW Small Level 1
New Fairfield Falcons Medium Level 1


October 23, 2012
12:35:40 PM

Entry #: 3998663
There are quite a few in other conferences. CT has about 7 total sm and med Looks like central has about 4 or 5 and NH has 1 not sure about any others this was just a quick look at ooa's from their past comps.


October 23, 2012
1:08:28 PM

Entry #: 3998693
Thank you everyone for the info. Does anyone know how the teams look?
I don't know about all of you ... I will be happy when the OOA for the Qualiers come out next week so we can see who we are against... So many divisions and levels... my head is spinning.

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