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Author TOPIC: Eastern ma championship game

November 10, 2012
8:25:11 AM

Entry #: 4009573
I would like to express my thanks to the Billerica Pop Warner program for all they have done during the playoffs. They hosted all of the games wilmington played and had the field ready and staffed on short notice everytime. It's a great program and great people.

I would also like to congratulate all the kids that played last night on a great game. Both teams fought hard and played awesome. It was quite the defensive battle with each team giving up little. Either one of these teams would have been a great team to represent the eastern league.

Congratulations to the wildcats I am so proud if all you kids! Lets get ready for the next game


November 12, 2012
10:10:31 AM

Entry #: 4010458
I would like to say thank you for those kind words. We work very hard to make every team that plays at our complex to feel welcome.Also would like to congradulate Wilmington C team on great game keed it going.


November 12, 2012
10:15:33 AM

Entry #: 4010463
Yes, thank you to Billerica for being such GREAT hosts! What a great game!!

We look forward to representing our conference in the Regionals! GO WILDCATS!


November 12, 2012
11:54:17 AM

Entry #: 4010518
Good luck going forward, Wilmington. Very well coached, group of kids. You guys certainly deserved it, and will represent the Eastern Ma Conference very well!!

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